Kindergarten Readiness » Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Kindergarten can be a big transition for many children! However it does not have to be a stressful situation, and there are many things you as a parent can do to help. Are you ready for Kindergarten? 

Kindergarten Skills:


Building your child's vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension is as easy as reading to them.  
Read and re-read stories with your child as often as you can.  Over time, they will begin to recognize words, rhyming patterns, characters, and settings easily.


One of the many skills Kindergartners learn in math is how to count and identify numbers to 100.  

Get them started early by pointing out numbers on residences, road signs, menus, and price tags.  Children will learn and understand concepts better when they realize that they see and interact with them everyday.


In Kindergarten, the students are expected to complete their homework and return it to school in their folders the next day.  They are given tasks to complete in class.  
To help your child prepare for these responsibilities, have them complete tasks at home.  Setting the table, making their bed, or picking up their own toys are good tasks to start with.