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Principal's Message

Welcome to a new school year at Le Pera Elementary School!  My name is Mr. Brian Wedemeyer, and I am honored to serve as your principal. Here is a little bit about myself. I arrived at Le Pera Elementary with about 8 years of experience in education. I hold  a master’s degree in educational leadership from Grand Canyon University and a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Northern Arizona University. For two years, I taught sophomore English at Parker High School. I was also the head coach of both the varsity baseball and girls basketball teams.

In previous years, I have served as a vice principal, instructional coach and department chair. I graduated from Parker High School in 1986 before entering the U.S. Air Force as a photojournalist. As a proud Veteran of Operation Desert Storm, I also have more than 20 years of experience as a newspaper editor and reporter. I also served as a Lake Havasu City Council Member from 2006 to 2010. I have Welcome to the 2017-18 school year at Le Pera Elementary School. My name is Brian Wedemeyer, and I am truly honored to serve as your principal. Here is a little about myself: It seems hard to believe I am already starting my fourth year at Le Pera. Prior to arriving here, I worked as an English teacher and varsity baseball/girls basketball coach at Parker High School. In total, I have more than 12 years in education. I spent the previous 20 years as a reporter and editor at daily and weekly newspapers in Lake Havasu City and Central Calfornia.

I am a proud Parker High School graduate of 1986, and I’m also a proud Veteran of Operation Desert Storm as an Air Force photojournalist. I served as a Lake Havasu City Council member from 2006 to 2010. I have two daughters, Hailey and Kassidi, who recently graduated from PHS and are now attending college. My son, Tillman, is a 6th grader at Le Pera. On Aug. 12, 2017, I married Lupita Cortez and instantly became a step-father to three wonderful young adults, Adrian, Melissa and Denise.

I remain totally committed to providing your child with a high-quality education in a safe and positive learning environment. I believe the Rebel Family has made some great strides since my arrival in 2014. Our AzMERIT scores have improved steadily in reading and math. Our discipline numbers are well below the national average. We have much improved parent communication and involvement. We are one of three schools in Arizona to receive a $1 million federal grant to help our struggling readers. We have made dozens of major physical improvements to our campus. We have low teacher turnover. The athletic program, which had been non-existent for seven years before I arrived, is now active and very successful. The overall culture and climate at Le Pera is very strong.

Finally, at Le Pera, we define success a little differently than maybe some other schools in other parts of Arizona. The Rebel Family has adopted a growth mindset, which encourages our staff and students to strive to improve no matter what their current proficiency level might be. The words, “I can’t,” are not allowed. All of us, adults and children, believe we can, and we will strive to get a little better every day until we do. This is what we mean when we say, “REBELS RISE.”

I welcome all parents, guardians and community members to come and see all the great things happening at Le Pera Elementary School. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school.


Principal Wedemeyer