LePera Elementary School Home

Students standing in the quad
Student working on a laptop in the classroom
Puzzle pieces representing the Rebel Family
Students working in the classroom
Photo of the school wall that says CRIT donated the property
Students working together to do math on the whiteboard
Students working in class
A Learning Organization

Mission Statement

 “Our mission is to educate all Le Pera students in a nurturing, rigorous, and disciplined environment, so that through their development and performance they become assets to themselves, their community, and society.”

Word of the Week

EMPATHY - understanding of someone else’s situation or feelings

News & Announcements

Staff Spotlight -- Cristen Atencio

Cristen Atencio
Cristen Atencio is our K-8th Music teacher at Le Pera. She has been a member of the Rebel Family for 2 years! Her favorite thing about Le Pera is the family atmosphere. Ms. Atencio is from Parker, AZ. She graduated from Hope University in Fullerton, CA, and Rio Salado in Phoenix, AZ. Her favorite subject in school is reading. Ms. Atencio enjoys crafts, music, and animals. Her favorite food is peanut butter, and her favorite sport is dance. She loves the color yellow. Ms. Atencio is inspired by art and music. Her favorite superhero is Superman. We are very pleased to have Ms. Atencio as part of our team!

Upcoming Events

TS 8th Grade

Date: 4/24/2018
Location: Le Pera Elementary School

Head Start Walk Through

Date: 4/24/2018, 10 AM – 11 AM
Time: 10 AM – 11 AM
Location: Le Pera Elementary School